Myth and Religion

Discussing the Lay of Rig
On Samhain
Are the Gods just Symbols?
The Modern Pagan
Winter Solstice
Aryan Immanence vs Aryan traditions
Comparative Immortality
The Sacred Drink
Svarog and Dažbog
On Oath Swearing
Gabija - Lithuanian Goddess of the Hearth
Daily Salute to the Sun
The Birch Tree
Lugh Samildánach
Honoring your Ancestors
Lepontic Script
Rosa Camuna
Medb - Goddess of Mead and Sovereignty
Jūratė and Kastytis
Earth Mother Goddess
Žemyna - Lithuanian Earth Goddess
The Moralism of the Druids
Leshy - Slavic Guardian Spirit of the Forest
Vörðr - a Protector Spirit
Rübezahl - the Mountain Spirit
Tylwyth Teg - Fairy Folk
Rožanice - Divine Women of Fate
The High Ollamhs of Ireland
King Numa of Rome


A devotional poem to Ullr
A Short Poem
Halte Dein Blut rein

Self Sufficiency

Off the Grid
On Permaculture
Basic Herbal Teas for Health
Prayer to the Thunderer
Prayer to the Sun Goddess


Dazhbog - Slavic
Hors - Slavic
Mokosh - Slavic
Perun - Slavic
Simargl - Slavic
Stribog - Slavic
Veles - Slavic
Pagan Calendar - by Survive the Jive


What is Wicca?
On the Occult
Musings of Doubt
Be a bastion of the Sun
Peace in Nature
Germanic King Etymology
The Elder Tree
The May Pole
Anatolian Neolithic Migrants
Proto-Germanic as lingua franca

Westas flame, from Skinfaxi 2019


Effort posts are assorted writings on topics usually too short to become articles but are worth saving for future reference and knowledge. Some posts will be short ideas while others will be well built upon theories with previously known information on their respective topics.


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