Skymoose, from Skinfaxi 2019


HAIL, Unconquerable Sun! Thou illuminating sphere, who brings the Light of Life upon the World, guide my hand through this duty done in your noble and unspeakable name! Set alight the burning fire of Truth in my eyes and fill my soul with the Heat of the Sun Disc so that this task is made sanctified and holy, blessed by your radiant beams. To you, Immortal One, all awakened Men turn their heads towards, and seek in your effulgence self-actualization and total completeness.

The savior of Western Civilization will not come from the revulsion of our ailments but from the character and resolve to contest our domain. The commons must unite in solidarity against the rising horde of apathy. No longer will the people of the West sit idly by while we watch what we have built succumb to degeneracy. Action is our only course as it has been since time immemorial.

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